Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You don't have to buy high-end photo editing software

            Complaining about the lack of functionalities, plugins, actions your free consumer grade
photo editor? Well I did. And It always unsatisfied of the presets and always wanting to have more control.
I asked, searched for the best free photo editing software and one stood out.

           Gimp, an absolutely free photo editing software no BS just click download and install. You'll
have all the pro functions, plugins, actions, scripts of a pro/high-end software and you can even write your own scripts or plugins or download free user made ones, all that for abolutely zilch, zero, nada. I personally use Gimp for the similarities of the interface it has with a popular  photo editing software even the processes and functions are somewhat similar too. So it's easier to use, and again it's free.

Head over to my oooolllld old blog for some more free photo editing softs here the link*Photo%20Editing%20Softwares

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