Friday, February 1, 2013

At last a Low Latency Audio solution for Android devices

Yes, finally we have a working solution for Android's high audio latency problem.

Sonoma Wire Works, the maker of GuitarJack audio interface, and FourTrack the iOS multi-track recording app formally announced a low latency audio (LLA)audio for Adnroid devices. Current audio latency for Android devices is about 100 - 250 milliseconds. The best devices averages at 108.8 milliseconds, and about 371.1 milliseconds for standard devices. Sonoma Wire Works solution brought it down to about 20 milliseconds which is almost there if compared to iOS low latency audio which about 6 - 12 milliseconds.

Don't be disappointed, 20 milliseconds is already a very decent in fact good latency rating. When compared to a PC using a amp modeling software and ASIO4ALL I can get from 24 milliseconds up to 20 milliseconds and it's already real time. You wouldn't notice any lag at all.

This new development will be very useful to musicians like me who don't have that much resources and rely on softwares to record and enhance the sound of our instruments. This will expand to more music applications being developed therefore more options for us musicians to choose from. And another thing of course which we love about the iOS music recording apps is portability. Now Android device owners can enjoy the portability and convenience of taking your music anywhere as the iOS owners did.

Sonoma Wire Works'  low latency audio (LLA) solution for android is now available for licensing for device manufacturers.

Head over to the official site to read the newsletter.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Test Time-lapse clip - Lapse It Android app

Here's a short test clip using a free Android app called Lapse It Lite. If your device has higher resolution capture capability the better the quality even HD if your device supports it. You can buy the Pro version for added functionality.

Lapse It Website
Download on GooglePlayStore

Friday, November 2, 2012

Testing my old macro lens

Its an old Sigma 28-80mm autofocus doesn't work. There are clucking things inside when you shake it but it still works quite well on manual.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Free HDR Softwares

Here's my list of the best free HDR softs. All of them are totally free softwares however some are stripped down and have some functions disabled and have restrictions.

Luminance HDR

Supports Raw
Merge more than 3 exposures
Auto and manual Alignment
9 tone-mapping algorithm to choose from
Single image tone-mapping
Supports tabs view
Rotate, resize, and cropping
Reads transer exif data
Absolutely free no restrictions and watermarks
Available for Linux, Mac, and Windows

not very user-friendly
no live view you have to render to see resulting image

Website and Download

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Making HDR using a single photo

After (straight HDR not tone-mappped yet)
     HDR or High Dynamic Range imaging is a process of taking multiple photos of a single scene in
different exposure ranges and combining them in post to show all the exposure ranges not usually
captured in normal photos. Usually at least three exposures, the highs, the correctly exposed then one with
the lows. The highs will enhance the bright areas of the photo. The lows will be enhancing the shadows.

    HDR photography has created quite a stir in photography world for a few years since it became popular.
Some photographers says its cheating, while on the other side of the fence they say it's just the same as what photographers do on post production. And there are also taking of sides on the pro HDR regarding the overdone HDR's.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You don't have to buy high-end photo editing software

            Complaining about the lack of functionalities, plugins, actions your free consumer grade
photo editor? Well I did. And It always unsatisfied of the presets and always wanting to have more control.
I asked, searched for the best free photo editing software and one stood out.

A video I made for Naga Longboard Department

Just a short music video I made for a Longboarding crew. All shot handheld. I'm still working on stabilising my shots, I'm getting better.

Naga City's First Charity Mass Skate Run (March 17, 2012) from murk on Vimeo.
Longboard Rinconada and Naga Longboard Department's effort to unite longboarders in Bicol through this